VOX POP Lanyard Competition


To add to the extra fun of this year’s VOX POP Undergraduate Juried Exhibition, we are adding a second, more playful side juried contest.  This year we are having the VOX POP LANYARD CONTEST.  Each student is invited to pick up a lanyard from any of the contest posters  and create a piece of wearable art.  There are two categories and students are invited to take one lanyard from each category.  Or you can take just one lanyard—whatever your preference.  There is no fee to enter.

 This is meant to be a fun, short exercise, centered around wearable art.  Do a performance!  Make a sculpture that hangs to the floor!  Or a drawing that starts at the lanyard and wraps around your body.  However, the piece must be made fresh for this exhibition—so metalsmithers, don’t just attach a charm from last semester. I see those gears rolling =)

The rules are below.  They will look like this:lanyard poster web

Have fun, and never forget, big things can happen off of a little chain.

Category 1:
What POPS your VOX?
Meaning, whatever you want to make as long as it incorporates the lanyard.

 Category 2:
What’s the VOX of your POPULI?
Meaning, what is the voice of your people?  This is an opportunity to make a social or political statement that you feel represents whatever cohort you identify with. 


  • Open to all MSU (Bozeman campus) students.
  • Each student may take only ONE lanyard from EACH category. No more than two lanyards per student MAX.
  • Draw something, print something, perform something, sculpt something that can hang off of the provided lanyard. Open to all mediums and interpretations. Be bold!
  • Lanyard must still be wearable. Consider this wearable art.
  • Lanyard may be manipulated to support more weight.
  • Drop off your lanyard piece on the day of the Vox Pop reception (February 14th) by noon in the front office.
  • Name, title, pertinent information (info you think is important to know to understand the piece), and contact information must be clearly marked or attached. Please print clearly.
  • Lanyard art cannot have any threats to public safety or actual drug paraphernalia.
  • Small prizes- $25, $10, $5
  • Any questions? Email the Gallery Director at ella.watson@montana.edu
  • Don’t forget to enter the main VOX POP JURIED EXHIBITION!!!!!!