Directions to the HEC Gallery


map from back lots to HaynesFrom Downtown Bozeman to the Bison, Antelope, and Deer parking lots on MSU campus:

  • Go west on Main Street towards 7th Avenue
  • Pass 7th Avenue, keep going to 19th Ave
  • Take a left onto 19th Avenue
  • Stay in the left hand lane. Drive about one mile to College Ave
  • Take a left onto College Avenue
  • Drive about a half mile. The Bison, Antelope and Deer parking lots will be on your right; they are the back three lots.  They are unlabeled (except on google maps.)  If you reach the roundabout/ traffic circle, you have gone too far.
  • Facing campus, Take the sidewalk to the left of the lots. Once you pass the playground, you will come to an intersection.  Haynes Hall is to your left, ASMSU, Shunk Daycare will be to your right.  Walk towards Haynes hall, taking the sidewalk that runs across the lawn and turns left between two buildings.
  • The entrance to Haynes Hall will be on your left, bicycle parking will be on your right.
  • The Helen E. Copeland is on the 2nd floor of Haynes Hall.

If walking down 11th:

213 Haynes Hall is located halfway between College Avenue and Grant Street.  It is across from the Aasheim Arch and has the Ski Chair sculpture in the front lawn.