STUDIO ART: Kiln Building in Brazil

Interview with Carlos Palmer, Matt Biasotti, and Ian Baldwin about building a kiln in Brazil last month.

brazil image 4In September of 2019, we ventured to Curitiba, a city in the southern states of Brazil.  On account of the Bienal de Curitiba and Dr. Royce W Smith, we were invited to build yet another wood fired kiln at the Sao Lourenco Art Center.  Rooted with the birth of contemporary art in Curitiba, the Sao Lourenco Art Center has been the stronghold for many artists keeping the tradition of what it means to make art to the great standard this city has set.  We went to Curitiba to continue this tradition and to create at the same level as these fantastic artists.

brazil image 2For most of us on this trip, we had built kilns before heading to Brazil. However, the difference in this project compared to others is that all we were doing was eating, breathing, sleeping, and building a kiln.  The only purpose of our lives in this short stint in Brazil was to build this kiln fluidly and confidently.  We worked as a family rather than just a team and accomplished what we set out to do.  We have all gained a much broader understanding of kiln building after this trip.  Not only in terms of physical construction, but the emotional impact of helping the local artists further their explorations in the world of art.

— Ian Baldwin, Carlos Palmer, Matt Biasotti, David Kletter, Robyn Till


Kiln Building in Brazil: This year featuring Carlos Palmer, Robyn Till, Matt Biasotti, and Ian Baldwin.