Ethereal Realms
Fixed Media music
TRT: 7 minutes 50 seconds

Audio Interview with Spenser Potter about creating Ethereal Realms

From the program notes:
Music tends to tell a story; this piece will take you to a place. A place full of realms that are stunning and majestic, yet haunted and empty, surrounded by an ethereal atmosphere. A world that only exists in the depths of the mind for those that are willing to explore.

Spencer Image 2Ethereal Realms is a fixed media piece that explores ambient soundscapes through electronic means.  The majority of sounds you will hear come from an audio recording of a single note on the marimba and modified by various software and electronic tools.  Dynamically, it also explores everything from total silence to deafeningly loud, further building a world that continues change as the piece progresses.
This research side to this piece is connecting influences from two seemingly different genres of music; ambient and funeral doom metal.  Ambient music has a tendency to evoke feelings of soothing and calm, while funeral doom conveys a crushing melancholy and bleakness.  This piece finds the harmony between the two, combining the emotional weight of funeral doom with the beauty of ambient.  The result is a sonic world in which the listener has the ability to explore.  The primary sources of influence come from ambient artist Liquid Mind and funeral doom titans Bell Witch.