Dr. Barry Ferst



Dr. Ferst will speak on March 2nd 5:30 – 6:30 in Cheever 215  followed by round-table discussion in the HECG with Amanda Cater from Welcoming Bozeman. Refreshments will be provided.

MSU School of Art will host the Montana Conversations program “Islam: the Golden Age” with Barry Ferst on March 2nd. The presentation is free and open to the public. Funding for the Montana Conversations program is provided by Humanities Montana through grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Montana’s Cultural Trust, and private donations.

Ferst will discuss the Golden Age of Islam, an under-appreciated era in human civilization, traditionally dated from the 8th century to the 13th century, during which much of the historically Islamic world was ruled by various caliphates and science, economic development and cultural works flourished.  During this time, major advancements were made in surgery, mathematics, the scientific method, astronomy, optics, art, and numerous other areas.  The advancements during the Islamic Golden Age are the basis of much of our modern day technologies and endeavors.  Truly a fascinating period, more information can be found about the Islamic Golden Age at

Islamic Golden Age on Wikipedia

Ferst, of Helena, Montana, Professor, Ph.D., Tulane University, 1976. Dr. Ferst’s academic career has been focused on the Greco-Roman Classical world view and its effect on Christianity and the Islamic faith. He has authored three books, Montana: High Rise and Handsome, Sunday Schools Sins, and Islam a Semester Study. Additionally, he has organized numerous inter-cultural and ecumenical events such as the recent (2015) program “American Muslim: Islam in America”, and is the recipient of three National Endowment for the Humanities awards.

On his many travels throughout Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, Dr. Ferst has photographed over 10,000 artifacts from the period of the Roman Empire.

He teaches Ancient Philosophy, Islam: Philosophy and Culture, Epistemology, and Philosophy of Art and Beauty. We are enthusiastic to host him at MSU. Though brought to Bozeman by the MSU School of Art, Ferst’s lecture is vital to a global understanding of Islam and its contribution to American culture and sciences and is worthwhile to artists, scientists, and historians alike.