Graphic Design: Mo Easterly

Gone Wheeling
Multi-functional, eco-friendly packaging for the outdoors

morgan image 1Gone Wheeling is a project designed around sustainable and eco-friendly packaging for those who enjoy spending time in the outdoors. During a backpacking trip in Moab, Utah, the inspiration for this project started rolling. While biking through the desert with Ned, a ceramicist majoring in Art Education, I discovered the visual parallel between bikes and ceramic wheels.  Thus, I arrived at the name for the project, Gone Wheeling. The goal of my design was to create multi-functional, eco-friendly packaging for ceramic cups that could be easily toted on outdoor adventures.

The cups reflect the earthy, desert tones of Moab and are intended to be used for anything from coffee to soup to whiskey while camping in hopes of reducing unnecessary waste. The wooden package is designed to strap onto the exterior of a backpack, leaving the user’s hands free while mountain biking. Within the package itself, the cups are cushioned with “reusable paper towels” made from recycled fabric. Lastly, the booklet that comes with the package serves a second purpose as a poster when unfolded. The entirety of this design revolves around creating multi-purpose products that are either made from natural or recycled materials thereby promoting a healthy ecological relationship between the environment and the adventurer.