Audio interview with Thomas Callahan about Memory Lane

Memory Lane
Experimental Film
10 minute loop

Memory Lane is an experimental video project made of photographs I have taken over the last eight years. Some shot on film, some shot digitally, but all records of the moments that I have lived. The first experimental film movement to inspire me was City Symphonies; films that are composed of atmospheric shots of a cityscape that build in the mind of the viewer a sense of place. MemoryLane_Screenshot3Here, the “city” that I’m constructing for the viewer is the landscape of my mind, hence the title Memory Lane. I was also inspired by the film The Back Steps by Leighton Pierce, which uses extreme editing to extend the duration of a short moment, turning a brief experience into a dreamlike flow of time and space. The Back Steps has a sound design that is environmentally motivated, though completely artificial, which inspired my sound design. In terms of my editing, Tim McMillen’s Ferment gave me an understanding of how I might want to pace my film and move through space.

MemoryLane_Screenshot2Once I had an idea of what I wanted to do, I gathered as many of my photos as I could, keeping an eye out specifically for visually similar images of landscapes, interiors, and people. The film is constructed of images graphically rather than chronologically due to the fact that our memories rarely come to us in chronological order. It is much more likely that our memories flow from one to the next while we tell stories; small objects or moments in one memory may remind us of another, regardless of the temporal difference between them. All sound in my film is from, so I was required to not only draw on my memories to locate sounds that fit my recollection of the images, but also edit them into a complex design that conveys my experiences to a viewer.