Call for Volunteers to Assist iAiR, Julie Grosche

Unknown-2iAir new resident, Julie Grosche needs volunteers to take part of her new film that she will be filming first half of October in and around Bozeman.  She needs nature lovers to take her to your most breathtaking spots to film group actions.

Forest to run in

A place with Horses to interact with
Rocks to sit on
Rocks with beautiful background
Any sort of “magical” natural place
A downhill

Running in the forest  //20 people

Breath collectively  //20 people
Drink water, collectively //20 people
Wrestle playfully //20 people
If there is couples I might need a kiss! //20 people
Huggings //20 people
Interaction with horses //3 people

 DATES  *you don’t have to assist to each date
First meeting Thursday 5th 5pm-7pm
Site visit/Rehearsal Friday 6th 2pm-6pm
Site visit/Rehearsal Monday 9th 2pm-7pm
Shooting (depending on weather) Tuesday 10th 5pm till 7pm
Shooting (depending on weather) Wednesday 11th 5pm till 7pm
Shooting (depending on weather) Thursday 12th 5pm till 7pm
Shooting (depending on weather) Friday 7am till 10am and 5pm till 7pm

Having a car is a plus.

To sign up visit or click here
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If you are have any questions,  please email Julie at or the School of Art Gallery Director, Ella Watson, at
To see Julie’s work, go to