Mama: Angela Yonke at the WYG April 4th – 6th

Mama Postcard Front (1)webMama: Healing Portraits by Angela J. Yonke
Exhibition Dates: Monday, April 2nd – Friday, April 6th, 2018
Reception: Friday, April 6th 5:30-7:30pm
Waller-Yoblonsky Gallery
MSU Melvin Graduate Studios
2998 W. Lincoln Street
Bozeman, MT 59718

Main contact: Ella Watson, Gallery Director

The Waller-Yoblonsky Gallery is pleased to announce a very personal photographic show more than 14 years in the making.  Artist Angela J. Yonke will be showing her ongoing series called Mama: Healing Portraits featuring photographic, mixed media and video work April 2nd-6th. A closing reception will be held Friday, April 6th 5:30-7:30pm.

Through these images Yonke explores a complex relationship with her mother and family members, and the subsequent impact made by the illness and death of her mother on her work and life. Many images on display were taken during her mother’s struggle with cancer spanning 2001-2003. Until recently these photographs had not been printed, shown or shared by the artist, unable to contemplate the series and give it light.

Since printing these negatives Yonke has also produced a body of mixed media works combining photographs, painting, sewing and paper along with written pieces which serve to document her continuing story. Hand-made is a continuing technique and theme in Yonke’s work and connections between this skill taught to her by her mother are very present and connect the past and present. These words and pictures have served to give Yonke some healing and closure.

This work is incredibly vulnerable. It recognizes a great sense of loss and an emotional toll but also delves into the process of healing and is a celebration of life. The artist does not mean to shock or distress the audience with her images, merely put forth raw beauty and strength and tell her story. Art is about vulnerability and this is hers.

Proceeds from any sales of these works will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

About the Artist:

Angela J. Yonke is a photographer, art teacher and artist currently living mostly in Bozeman, MT. She has degrees in Art Education, Photography and Environmental Studies from Western Michigan University. She has taught Art and Photography since 2004 at public, private and non-profit organizations in Michigan, Chicago and Bozeman. Themes in her multi-media work deal with hands, gesture, humor, non-verbal communication and human relationships.

For more information:

The Waller-Yoblonsky Gallery is located on the west side of 19th Ave. Head west on Garfield and take a left at the blue MSU School of Agriculture sign. Continue on the dirt road until you reach an intersection with another sign indicating the Melvin Graduate Art Studios located to the right. After turning right, pass the equestrian and Farrier building until you read the Melvin Graduate Art Studios. Please drive under 15 mph once you leave Garfield St.

Waller-Yoblonsky Hours: Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM / Closed on Weekends.

To schedule and appointment to see the exhibit, please email Ella Watson or the Gallery Managers, Victoria Burchill at or Alyssa Willard at or visit

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