Vox Populi 2011 selected exhibitors

We had over 250 artworks submitted to the exhibition this year and our jurors have made the final, tough edits.  Thank you to all who submitted – there were so many exceptional and diverse works this year and we really appreciated your interest in exhibiting.

Congratualtions to the selected exhibitors:

Anna Bak (Honorable Mention – Sculpture for “Irreversible Gestures”)
Patrick Bakken
Christopher A. Bieniek (Honorable Mention – Ceramics for “Wood Fired Jar”)
Dan Ross Buettner
Tyler Busby
Shaun Cok
Nicholas Danielson (Honorable Mention – Sculpture for “Curvaceous Continuum #4”)
Scott Davidson
Josh Disney
Dwight Dyk
Ashton Fell (2nd Place Best of Show for the painting “Untitled”)
Serena Finn
Katie Fogg (Honorable Mention – Drawing for “The Fall”)
Pete Gantt
Jaclyn Guenthner
Arthur S. Gutierrez
Metta Hallinan
Tamara Hampel
Chloe House
Sheryl Katzenberger (Honorable Mention – Printmaking for “Dancing in the Moonlight 1” and “Dancing in the Moonlight 3”)
Mary Keck
Cindy Kern (Honorable Mention – Photography for “Tessa Kern, 2010”, “Tyler Murphy, 2010” and “Lindy Byerly, 2010”)
Jean Korpi (Honorable Mention – Ceramics for “Untitled”)
Sara Lee
Mark A. Lee
Meg Magnuson
Molly McDonald
Jesine Munson (Honorable Mention – Printmaking for “Social Creatures”)
Aaron Murphy (1st Place for Best in Show for the sculpture “Moment”)
Caroline Nelson
Laurie Ohs
Brittany Price (Honorable Mention – Metals for “Mexican Gun Fight”)
Gregory Quinn (Honorable Mention – Metals for “Agent Orange”)
Stacey Ray (Honorable Mention – Drawing for “Evolution of a Bad Idea #2”)
Spencer Ready
Sam Reinsel
Robert Rodgers
David Runolfsson
John N. W. Ryan (Honorable Mention – Painting for “Minotaur”)
Tim Sherrill
Nikki Simon (Honorable Mention – Graphic Design for “Simon Says: Words of Advice for Daily Blunders”)
Jasmine Snyder
Justin Stewart
Jim Stipp
Erin Swietnicki
Brittany Tyler (3rd Place Best of Show for the textile sculpture “Untitled”)
Troy Vanderlinde (Honorable Mention – Painting for “Everyman”)

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